That is a question we’re sure many people have asked. We often hear in the press or from friends about commissions being paid to attendants according to how many tickets they issue.

Whether this is true or not, it is undeniable that by 2010 councils in England made £1.3 billion from on- and off-street parking and in London alone over 6 million parking fines were issued generating a revenue of over £450 million for the year 2009/2010. Only 1% of these were appealed against. 70% of appeals were upheld by the adjudicator.

Penalty charges for parking is a fine example of something for nothing. We pay for MOT, Car Insurance & Road Tax. We are then expected to pay for parking permits to park where we live, so what is the point of Road Tax? Then to add insult to injury we will receive a parking ticket/penalty charge notice if we park where we live without displaying a valid permit or attempt to park elsewhere that says "Residents Only" while the 'Resident' is at work. If that's not enough, we then have to endure & be vigilant to the aggressive tactics performed by Parking Attendants. Hence our reason for this site.

BUT WHY US? (A word from our founder & Leading Correspondence Specialist, Mark)

I hate being exploited; and I knew I could do something about it. Several years ago I started challenging my own parking tickets.

Now, writing a complaint letter is a technique. How you write your letter depends on whom you are writing to, what you are writing about, what you hope to achieve by your letter & how you hope to achieve it.

Understanding this has enabled me – in conjunction with knowledge, persistence & the right approach - to write successful complaint letters for family & friends as well as myself, with a 80% success rate in achieving rejections of payment. I then decided to find like-minded people to help me to help you, the harrassed car owner. was born.

We have included a few of our friends' & our own personal battles & successes with various parking services throughout the boroughs of London on our Testimonials link.


How many letters will it take?

In our experience we have found it takes at least 2 but rarely more than 3 letters to defeat a parking ticket.


How much time will it take?

See 'Service Guarantee & Contractual Obligations' Paragraph 2 in my Terms & Conditions.





There are a number of organisations we have found who place importance on the consumer and on customer service equal to our own. We have also included sites offering genuinely useful info to the budding entrepreneur.

To this end, we have included below both Affiliated & Unaffiliated Links to sites we believe have our/your best interests at heart.



The ultimate consumer revenge site. All you need to know about saving money in every aspect of your life from "What is the best Bank/Savings/Mortgage account?" to "Where's the best place for an MOT?"

BBC Consumer

The site that gives you peace of mind in frustrating circumstances. Everything you want & need to know about your legal rights. Disability, Cars, Food, Holidays, Insurance - your rights in plain english.

Consumer Action Group

Visit their Forum and Reclaim your Bank, Credit & Storecard charges! What more do you need to know?!


Network 2012 is a social enterprise for the promotion of goods and services and a supportive network of individuals and businesses who are committed to making a positive difference in the world through business.



A great source for information about how to start and build a successful online business.




Business Opportunity Review

This site provides invaluable & objective reviews on all the available self-startup businesses for the budding entrepreneur. Read reviews on all the available products & services to help you decide what business opportunity best suits you; from 'AD Associates' to 'X Factor Dates', no stone is left unturned.

If you want to protect your affiliate link & commissions from affiliate thieves or you want to shorten those long, ugly affiliate links, then the free software from this site will enable you to shorten & protect those links and increase sales. Simple & Effective. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 'FREE' OFFER IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

We will continue to add sites who we believe have the consumers' interest at heart and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and I know you will appreciate the professional service we provide.