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Time To Fight Back!

Are you frustrated about Parking Tickets? Don’t think you can overturn them? Can’t be bothered to challenge them?


A. You could save 90% of the money you’d spend on your parking fine would you be interested?

B. £15 could overturn a £40-£195 parking ticket would it be worth it?

If so, then look no further, We’ll write your complaint for you and with our 96% success rate, save you money.(Testimonials). Never again will you be at the mercy of Parking Services and their gunslingers – sorry, attendants!

How Do You Benefit?

  • No more annoyance at the time wasted writing a challenge
  • No more angry exchanges with Parking Attendants – simply contact us
  • No more worrying over finding the money to pay a parking ticket
  • No more frustration at having no-one to turn to – We are here to help

I'm interested, What's The Next Step? Fill out the Application & Consent Form with all the details of the event; We assess your chance of success; you decide if you want us to proceed; We write to Parking Services as yourself; we send the letter; 1,2, or 3 letters, you win! (Complaint Procedure)

Important: It helps your case if you are able to provide the PCN Number, Date of Contravention & Vehicle Registration when you call and copies of any documents relating to the enforcement.

What have I got to lose? £65, or gain your right to justice and win! (In our experience, for every 9 PCNs issued to a motorist, he/she should expect to win at least 6, due to the many procedural improprieties committed by the enforcing local authorities)


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