Procedure Information

Step 1. Fill out the online application & consent form

Step 2. We will assess the situation & your chances of success. If you decide you want us to represent you:

Step 3. Enter Payment Details

Step 4. A letter is drafted in your name & sent to the relevant council

Step 5. You will receive a confirmation letter/email detailing acceptance of payment & our initial letter to the relevant council. At this point please send us the original penalty charge notice/parking fine (this will be returned to you). Freepost envelopes will be included for this & future correspondence

Step 6. When you receive a reply, you can either email, post it or request a stamped-addressed envelope to forward this to us (see "Client Undertaking", Section 2 of Terms & Conditions)

Step 7. If your first letter is successful, send us their reply as confirmation, case closed. If not, send us their reply; then

Step 8. We repeat Steps 4 & 5 until we are successful (View the About Us page & "How many letters will it take?")

Step 9. In some cases the Council will reject all appeals, which results in us having to make a written appeal to the Parking Adjudicator as the final step.

Appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS) -

Step 10. We send you a Letter of Authority for you to sign and return to us. At thi stage Parkingletters will appeal directly to the Parking Adjudicator on your behalf. We need your written permission to do this hence the letter.

Step 11. Parkingletters files your appeal along with your Letter of Authority.

Step 12. PATAS inform Parkingletters when the appeal date is and we inform you.

Step 13. We win or we lose! We, win great! We lose, you will be liable for to pay the double amount e.g. £130 instead of £65 if you lose. However, if your only reason for fighting the parking fine is money, then pay it and forget our service! I say this because:


The entire PCN enforcement is designed that you only think about the money and not the injustice of the offence, so once your main worry is the money, you cannot focus on the illegality of the PCN issue. There is a chance you could lose; however with our 80% success rate and the fact that PATAS overturn 60% of appeals in the motorist's favour, you can understand why the councils prefer to scare you into not appealing all the way.

Alternatively, if you believe you have a strong case and would like us to proceed immediately, you should complete the Application/Consent Form & Payment Form together.


When you are supplying details of the event, please ensure you include:


We will then assess the situation and your chances of success. If we believe you can win – there are those few instances where this may not be possible – we will let you know, then you decide if you want us to proceed.